What is the HiMOexperience program?

The HiMOexperience program is designed to collect and examine data regarding the possible effects of ingesting Human Oligosaccharides. During your participation in the HiMOexperience program we offer you the opportunity to try HiMO for free for 12 weeks in exchange for input on your experience when taking HiMO. We are collecting your input through 5 short web-based surveys. We may also invite you to share your experiences in specific interviews or focus groups or by answering further web-based surveys with more detailed questions covering specific application areas. You are of course free to decline these invitations.

The program is on-going, and we will continuosly in roll new participants whatever their gender, age or health condition. We are using the data that we collect to better understand how Human Oligosaccharides work, for whom they work and how we may best use their potential. During your participation in the HiMOexperience program we will inform you about program related activities and outcome. Naturally, you are free to leave the program at any time, should you wish to do so.

Close to 1500 people across Europe are now part of the program, and we are excited to see, that the vast majority are satisfied or very satisfied with the product and are willing to recommend it to others. More than 90% like the taste of the product and find it easy to take.

All handling and storage of your personal data is in compliance with the European data protection laws.

How the program works


Sign up
Sign up
You register your contact information on this website, so we know where to send the product and how to contact you.
Before starting
Before starting
After signing up, you will receive an e-mail asking you to fill out a baseline survey with information about age, gender, weight and health condition. After we receive your response to the questionnaire, we will send you a package of HiMO, including instructions.
During the 12 weeks
During the 12 weeks
All you need to do is to take one daily dose of HiMO as directed and respond to a survey every 3rd week. Each time you complete a survey, we will send you a new supply of HiMO.
After the 12 weeks
After the 12 weeks
After testing the product and completing the last survey you are done with your active 12 weeks test period. We hope that you have had a good experience with our product, and we will make sure to tell you were to buy if you are interested. You will continue to be part of the HiMOexperience program unless you choose to leave the program after your active test period.

Results so far

Product taste

90% of our current test participants indicate that they like the taste of HiMO and they find it easy to take.

Product usage

Around 80% of our current test participants rarely miss a daily dose of HiMO. Most people prefer HiMO mixed into a drink.

Willingness to recommend

More than 90 % of our current test participants are likely or very likely to recommend HiMO.

Participation satisfaction rate

Around 75 % of our test participants responded that they are satisfied or very satisfied with HiMO.

Adjusting to HiMO

During the first days of taking HiMO, you may experience some mild sensations such as rumbling, bloating or increased passing gas. These sensations should pass within the first few days.

If you have any questions regarding the product or its use, please do not hesitate to contact us at: HiMOexperience@glycom.com

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